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How much noise is a little noise?

I got my Cobalt 6-pack

a couple of weeks ago along with an NCE

Switch-8 and a Littfinski RS-8-G feedback module. If you read my last post you will know that I was looking forward to trying these out in particular because of the reviews these point motors received and because of the supposedly very low noise level. First off all let me say that after some initial hick-ups, primarily my own fault, I managed to get the Switch-8 to throw a switch. And let me just recommend reading the documentation to RocRail as addressing is not straight forward in itself. It will be when you read the documentation though. :-)

As part of getting the Switch-8 to work I brought it to a friends house to rule out that my LZV100 had an issue. I also brought along a Cobalt motor. Of course the Switch-8 worked the second we hooked it up but we discovered that the Cobalt motor made a very loud clicking sound when ever it cialis 10mg reviews reached the end of its throw. It almost sounded like a small spark or a short of some kind. Naturally this worried my a bit but since my Switch-8 was in fact working I didn’t pay to

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much attention to it.

Arriving back home I was eager to hook the Switch-8 to my own system again, and of course it worked flawlessly when I did. It is a simple and effective little piece of gear

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and straight forward to use. Trying it out I connected one of the other Cobalts and strangely enough it didn’t have the clicking sound and moved slightly slower making a little less noise than the first. I decided to test all 6 cobalts and out of 6,

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4 had the clicking sound. One to the point where the motor would actually not stall at the end of does viagra raise your blood pressure a throw but start clicking away until power was either cut or it was thrown again. Having listened to the clicking sound I more or less decided that it was actually the sound of a gear skipping a tooth. But

how can that happen on 4 out of 6. Sounds like DCC Concepts, the company making the Cobalt, need to check up on their QA department. Well I sent the 4 faulty Cobalts back to my dealer and am now waiting for their replacement. I installed the remaining 2 and I have to admit they are very

nice to work with. Although not as noiseless as I was hoping for. So the question is: How much noise is a little noise? Reading on DCC Concepts web site it is easy to get the idea that they are practically silent. But they are not. In fact they are almost as noisy as the ESU Servos, which is a bit disappointing. Perhaps it has something to do with the module construction or the resonance in my room. :-)

To Cobalt Motors Installed.

Besides playing around with point motors I also had the time

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to solder the Littfinski RS-8-G I bought. I was a bit worried that it might not be that easy. I have been soldering electronic kits before but it was a long time ago so I wasn’t sure if anything had changed. Luckily the RS-8-G was very straight forward. The installation guide is really easy to follow and if you know how to properly solder electronic parts, theres

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is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t save the 15-20% on the pre-assembled units. It took me all in all a couple of hours to finish so that wasn’t too bad either. The only things missing is to test cheap online pharmacy usa it. As I haven’t wired my modules yet, that will have to wait a couple of days.

My Littfinski RS-8-G kit finished

Actually the only thing left before starting the landscaping is the cvs caremark pharmacy wiring. The track is glued down on both segments, all the wiring and frog http://trustedonline-maxpharma.com/ polarization has been tested so all that is left is to make the permanent wiring, including the LDT feedback module, Switch decoder, power bus etc. My summer holiday is

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coming up in 2 weeks time and

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it will be finished by then, so it will be ready when the autumn comes.

Enjoy the summer.

All track is layed and glued Ready for the wiring
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